Rebecca Alexander Historical crime and fantasy fiction

A Shroud of Leaves will be published by Titan on July 9th 2019. It’s been a learning  journey, crime writing has different conventions from fantasy and needs attention to detail. Research is also a fascinating hole you can just fall into! The Black Shug of Twyford got my attention, as well as lots of new research on the Bronze Age of the New Forest in Hampshire. The place is riddled with archaeology, like most of Wessex, but has been hidden under the trees and bracken. A beautiful place that called out for a book to be set there.

Sage 3 is already mostly written, I couldn’t resist bringing Sage back to Devon and Viola with her. The fifteen year old bride travels  in 1581 to help her sister, who is having her first child on Dartmoor, a lawless, dangerous place. Sage follows her story and finds Dartmoor has its own bandits and violence in the remnants of robber bands that once roamed the moor.

I’m still working on The Asylum Sisters, and Finding Noah is in edits. I’m batting an idea around for Jackdaw Hammond’s continuing story (Secrets 4) and will see what comes up.