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I write fantasy. And crime, and historical, and even a bit of romance. The problem is, they all tend to creep into each book.

I decided when I was very young that I would write stories,and spent a lot of time with sticky tape and stapler trying to work out how to make them into books. I wrote my first novel at nineteen, which was terrible, but I was learning. I finally got my first short stories published in San Francisco when I was twenty-one, but they were ‘nature-based erotica’ so I couldn’t show my family. Many more short stories followed, then real life got in the way and I was busy bringing up three small children, one of which had a life-limiting illness. I read though: fantasy, crime, historical - even a bit of romance.

Life got much harder when my 33 year old husband died unexpectedly the same year my daughter died, aged 8. For a long time I was paralysed with grief and just wrote non-fiction.

A long time afterwards, I began writing tiny fictions, fragments of stories. I started doing writing courses and that was it, I was novelling again. By the time I had written three novels I was starting an MA. I started two books, a ‘literary’ book which turned into a ghost story, and The Secrets of Life and Death. When I entered the first Mslexia novel writing competition I was thrilled to be placed as one of two runners up. An agent took them on and found the books a publisher. I hope you enjoy reading them because I loved writing them.

I am represented by Jane Willis of United Agents

Apart from writing and reading, I’m a huge fan of corvids, birds of the crow family. Super bright, magnificent creatures that the UK has a great selection of: crows, rooks, ravens, jays, magpies, jackdaws and choughs. This one is a raven - he really is as big as he appears in the photo. He was also delightful company. He has his head almost upside down because he knows there’s a blackberry in the glove somewhere.