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The Secrets of Life and Death

The book follows reclusive Jackdaw Hammond, who lives in a supernatural underworld, selling ingredients for magic. Saved from death by sorcery, she attempts to save a dying teenager the same way. But Sadie fights back, and the police call in Professor Felix Guichard to explain strange symbols found on a dead girl...

1585: In Poland, Dr John Dee and Edward Kelley attempt to save the king’s niece with the use of magic. Maybe they can save the life of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, but perhaps the question is should they?
The Secrets of Blood and Bone

An old woman is dead in her remote, Lake District cottage. Her garden is invading the house, defending its territory.  Events of the distant past are still echoing through its woodlands.

In mediaeval Venice, an English traveller called Edward Kelley tries to solve the Dannick mysteries...
The Secrets of Time and Fate

Jack is lost, and Felix is trying to understand and help Sadie, whose life extending magic is fading. The consequences of drinking human blood are sometimes unexpected...

Kelley and Dee seek the same answers, in the pirate-infested Mediterranean where they are the ‘infidels’ and human life is cheap.