Rebecca Alexander Historical crime and fantasy fiction
New book
A Shroud of Leaves comes out with Titan in July! A sequel to A Baby’s Bones, the book sees Sage Westfield intern as a forensic archaeologist on a mysterious burial in leaves in the New Forest.

But the location is already haunted by a missing girl twenty-five years before, and an older mystery from 1913.

The Bronze Age burial in the forest has its own story of a giant hound buried with a giant...

The series starts with A Baby’s Bones, when Dr Sage Westfield excavates a Tudor well to find the bones of a woman and newborn baby. As evidence turns more and more to murder, Sage is drawn into a modern crime that threatens them all.

In 1580, Vincent Garland looks after 14 year old Viola, youngest daughter of Lord Banstock. But a proposed betrothal to Solomon Seabourne, sorcerer, puts them all in danger.