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What I’m writing:

When I’m not tweaking the above books, I’m working on a  new project, creating a biography of a ‘pauper lunatic’ called Lorina Bulwer. She stitched her outrage at being put in the workhouse when her mother died, into embroidered rants.
Welcome to the website!

With The Secrets of Life and Death and The Secrets of Blood and Bone already out I’ve polished up the third in the series, The Secrets of Time and Fate, out June 2 2016. There are pirates and angels and deaths and a love story.

I’ve also been writing the sequel to A Baby’s Bones, a romp over Dartmoor and an investigation into a very strange phenomenon, the feral people who roamed the moor in the past. The book will be called (provisionally) A Shattered Skull.

I have finished a modern day crime novel about the over entanglement of twin sisters, one of whom is obsessed with the Papin sisters, convicted of a pair of savage murders in 1931. There’s another crime novel in first draft and I’m playing with another fantasy story. A busy year so far!